Julie Lacey is a Canadian television producer, writer, story editor and creative consultant who worked on Due South's third and fourth seasons in 1998 and 1999. She wrote the episodes Dead Guy Running and Hunting Season and was nominated for a Gemini award in 1998 for the former. Lacey commented: "The Mountie was such a dry character. It was fun to write for him. On the show that got nominated, there was a lot of slapstick because Paul [Gross] had to carry a dead body around. When you're walking around with someone dead in your arms, it's just got to get a laugh."

Lacey has worked on numerous Canadian series and television movies such as Murdoch Mysteries, Listener, Eight Days to Live, In God's Country, The Good Times Are Killing Me and Power Play for which she won a Gemni award for best writing in a dramatic series in 2000.