Victoria Metcalf is an American criminal who took part in a bank robbery in Alaska in 1985. The heist involved two other men including one Jolly Hughes. The authorities managed to track them down and one of them was killed. Hughes fled south and Victoria crossed the border into the Yukon where her bush plane encountered a blizzard. The pilot had to make an emergency landing and Victoria wandered away, hiding from the violent wind in a mountain crag where Constable Benton Fraser found her and shielded her from the storm. They kept each other alive for two days and this intimacy led Fraser to experience true romantic love for the first time. When the blizzard ended and the two reached the nearest outpost, Victoria asked Fraser to let her go, but he turned her in and she was sent to prison.

Fraser felt guilty about this for years until he met the woman again in Chicago in 1995. Victoria had been released from prison and Fraser's old feelings were rekindled. But Victoria Metcalf did not only happen to be in the city; she meant to take revenge on Fraser. She played along and they had a few days of what seemed like a blissful relationship. Fraser lost his sense of time and commitment to his work and friends, particularly Detective Ray Vecchio

Victoria Metcalf Benton Fraser

One day, Fraser returned to his apartment to find his wolf Diefenbaker lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to his side and Victoria nowhere to be found. Jolly Hughes was also in Chicago and looking for Victoria who had money from the 1985 robbery in her possession. He pursued her and she shot him dead using Fraser's pistol. Fraser was arrested and Vecchio had to bail him out. It was then revealed that Victoria had taken her late sister's identity and was using this to do her business unnoticed. Victoria got both Fraser and Vecchio in great trouble, blackmailing her lover to get involved in a black market diamond exchange. Fraser was confused and overwhelmed by his feelings, but still managed to thwart her plans. As she ran away on a train, she extended her hand to Fraser, asking him to come with her. Fraser began running after her, but Vecchio, who thought Victoria was holding a weapon, shot once and accidentally hit Fraser in the back. Victoria left on the train and was not seen again.

Victoria Metcalf was portrayed by American actress Melina Kanakaredes.

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